The E-Rickshaw is a must for an integrated transport system. It is a great choice to cover the first or the last mile to/from the train station or airport.

Photo(s) kindly provided by: www.blacodo.moonfruit.com

The EcoMobility Festival 2015 takes place in Johannesburg, South Africa. We are listing South African manufacturers and vendors who produce and sell models of this vehicle type. Please note that the product in store may differ from the one shown here since this Expo Online features types of vehicles, not specific products.

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This Type of Product is produced by:

Bestar & Blacodo Holdings
Johannesburg 16 Monte Christo, Kudu Str.

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Where to find this product in South Africa:

Bestar & Blacodo Holding Johannesburg - Gauteng 16 Monte Christo, Kudu Str.
+27 (0) 82 341 6676

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