The Expo showcases a wide range of vehicles available to support urban EcoMobility. The selection of vehicles presented are meant to be teasers aiming to whet your appetite for ‘going ecomobile’.

The Expo Online is conceived to educate consumers on vehicle options for greener mobility in our cities and towns. It is designed to display types of vehicles. While the vehicle types are illustrated by photos of exemplary products kindly provided by companies, the purpose of the presentation is not to promote specific products or models of a specific company. The inclusion in this online presentation does not in any way mean an expression of preference, endorsement or recommendation of the products shown.

The Expo Online was initially supported by the City of Johannesburg through ICLEI, and its update and creation of the Chinese version has been supported by the City of Kaohsiung through ICLEI as part of the EcoMobility World Festival 2017. The Expo Online is fed by the EcoMobility products database of The Urban Idea GmbH.

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